Founded in 2000, NEUROSTIMULI acquired Digital-Zen, LLC (Internet services company founded in Virginia, 1999) and quickly became a leading developer of digital media, Internet solutions, and branding services with locations in both New York and Virginia. The solutions provided by NEUROSTIMULI such as intranet and extranet production as well as identity development and deployment are used worldwide by a wide variety of clientele for brand and revenue stream expansion. The mission of NEUROSTIMULI is to facilitate the success of a client's business by providing virtual, in-house IT, marketing, consulting, and design department services - thereby reducing overhead and allowing the client to focus on the incubation of their products or services.

NEUROSTIMULI has a full range of services which include: intranet and extranet design and production, streaming media solutions, web application development, e-commerce solutions and consulting, Internet strategy consulting, hosting solutions, brand identity development, and marketing asset development.

NEUROSTIMULI has had the pleasure of providing solutions for such clients as: The Universal Music Group, The Dave Matthews Band, The Wailers, David Gray, Kluwer Law International, IT Academy, L'Alliance Française, Rising Tide Productions, The NorVa, and The Ntelos Pavilion at Harbor Center.

Awards won by NEUROSTIMULI include: the Midem 2000, "best website" award, gold level record sales, Macromedia site of the day, Shockwave site of the day, and several Golden web awards.

NEUROSTIMULI is proud to have associations with such companies as: Bond Technologies, Attention Productions, Icarus Media Design, Virtual Explorer 360, Eyewire, Red Light Communications, Musictoday, and Cilli Original Designs.

NEUROSTIMULI is proud to be both Mac and PC friendly and uses Canon DV, Sony, and Epson digital imaging products. NEUROSTIMULI uses Macromedia, Adobe, Sonic Foundry, Microsoft, Quicktime, Metacreations, and Electric Rain software for many of its solutions.

Charles Cowen is lead designer and programmer of NEUROSTIMULI. Prior to his post at NEUROSTIMULI, Mr. Cowen was President of Digital-Zen where he was responsible for all aspects of project development and management, marketing, and was lead designer and programmer. From 1999 to 2000, Mr. Cowen was Assistant to the CEO and Director of Multimedia for the music portal Musictoday. His responsibilities for the multimedia department included formation and management, lead designer and developer, client relations, web and e-commerce sales/consulting, and new product development for both the portal and such clients as: Santana, P-Funk, MMW, and Blues Traveler. From 1998 to 1999, Mr. Cowen was CEO of PMD Recordings and was responsible for marketing, client relations, HR, sound engineering, and audio composition. Mr. Cowen holds a diploma from the University of Virginia in Cognitive Science and is both a French and American citizen.